Triple C ( Corolla Classic Community) Event Indonesia

Theme of the event is in line with our tag line. We have the spirit to clean carbon deposit that can decrease performance of your engine and bring it back to its best.

The event brought fifty people to see and to enjoy our treatment. We gave five free DEKA service to the five first registrants for theis event and gave three other free vouchers for the best photos that were selected by DEKA team.


  1. Arinal Faslih : “ More responsive and want to dothis treatment again!”
  2. Om Eka : “ I like this event, it’s very usefull for my car and car lovers to take care of their car’s engine. I will do this treatment again, where can I find it?”
  3. Om iwan : “ Good for environment and my engine’s voice is more smooth, good job!”
  4. Bang Ebonk : “ Cakep neh mesin gue, lebih alus, ngegas ga berat. Alus sih neh. Gue bakal cek dalemnya entar!”

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