FORCI’s family goes to Cirebon

Together with FORCI’s family members we share the importance of taking care of our environment.

Currently fresh air is not free anymore. For example, most of Jakartanese are going to Bogor to spend their holiday only in order to get fresh air and to enjoy the nature. So, could you imagine

what will happen in the next few years? Therefore DEKA brings you a solution to participate to decrease emissions of harmful gases by cleaning your engine from the carbon deposit with
@DEKA_Carbon Cleaning.

Fifty people joined this event and shared this issue to local people in Cirebon. During two days we spent time by sharing, playing and making a good relation between DEKA and all of FORCI’s Members. We gave three free services for the three founding fathers and gave fifty vouchers to all members to feel DEKA service.

Founders were really surprised by the result as they were not expecting such positive difference after treatment coming from such compact machine ! they said as well that they will totally recommend it to partners and friends!

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