PT Deka Global Energy is a PMA Company in Indonesia and a part of Les Manufactures Février in France. We manage to maximize our capabilities and experiences to develop energy efficiency across Indonesia. Solar energy and energy efficiency are the answer for the future, therefore we decide to put all of our faith in those businesses. Our company are following the international quality system standard and delivering the best outcomes in every single step.

Vision and Missions


Being a reputable company in energy efficiency with great awareness in environment


  1. Provision of the leading technologies for energy efficiency by considering human needs and sustainable products
  2. Develop competent manpower and processes to support organization
  3. Do the best support for environment by creating environmentally friendly products and services

Group’s Key Figures


+ Employees Worldwide


+ Years of Expertise


Cutting Edge Robotics


€ Million in Turnover


Partners Worldwide


International Showroom
(Paris-Los Angeles-Jakarta-Dubai-Shanghai-Sedan)

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